Saturday, May 21, 2011

Creative Capital Retreat May 20-22 in NYC

I'm super excited about this amazing experience! I'm attending the Creative Capital Retreat in NYC this weekend. This is an amazing opportunity offered to me and Strong Coffee Stage by The Field. I'm one of 24 other artists who was invited to this great weekend of learning and networking!
Thank You to The Field and Creative Capital for this invaluable experience!

Creative Capital is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing adventurous projects in five disciplines: Emerging Fields, Film/Video, Innovative Literature, and Performing and Visual Arts. Working in long-term partnership with artists, Creative Capital’s pioneering approach to support combines funding, counsel and career development services to enable a project’s success and foster sustainable practices for its grantees. In its first decade, Creative Capital has committed more than $20 million in financial and advisory support to 325 projects representing 406 artists, and has reached an additional 3,500 artists through its Professional Development Program.

Here is a list of the other artists attending!
Alexis Clements
Caroline Woolard
Alissa Mello
Faye Driscoll
Jacqueline Wade
Katie Workum
Jason Schuler
Philippa Kaye
Kahilil Almustafa
Pontus Lidberg
Karina Casiano
Rebecca Davis
Kathryn Jones
Roman Baca
Kevin Doyle
Sarah Dahnke
Kyle decamp
Stephanie Sleeper
Laura Marie Thompson
Tara Burns
Lisa Hogan
Samuel Topiary
Susan Oetgen

It has been really amazing to meet them all!


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